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A consistent message and content access for a global beverage brand

How a Global alcoholic beverage brand creates a consistent message and easy content access using Brandgility’s DAM

This case study examines how an alcoholic beverage brand uses Brandgility to manage a global need for assets that are the right assets, available to the right users, at the right time, every time.

Key benefits

  • Single portal for all brand marketing assets easily kept up to date
  • Each brand has its own look and feel, making it feel like home for each user
  • Global brand consistency applied seamlessly for users

Global Brand Marketing

This is a global company with multiple brand marketers working in every country in the world.  Keeping track of all of these assets, distributing them in an easy way, making sure that they were up to date and complying with licensing rules was a major undertaking.

The Challenge

Enabling each marketer across the map to find the right thing at the right time with no fuss was a key challenge. Making sure that users could access what they need but not be able to access content that was irrelevant or not licensed for their use was a must-have, as was having a way to enforce a single naming convention for all of the metadata, but that was still flexible enough to adjust to market needs.

Each individual brand has its own look and feel, so having a single portal that would meet all global brands needs was also important.

And, finally, having permissions that were granular enough to allow the flexibility of being able to allow each market to set up the system perfectly but keeping centralised control was a big factor in the decision to go with Brandgility.

The Solution

Brandgility’s DAM has user-access control that is easy to set up and easy to implement.  All content and all users are assigned to access groups, which can be set up by a system admin, and users can only see content that is assigned to the same groups that they are assigned to.

This means that the content can be segmented in many ways, allowing different groups to see different content on the same portal.  It also means that users do not have to wade through irrelevant content to get to the content that they actually need, which helps them feel like they are getting what they need quickly.

In Use

Metadata on the Brandgility DAM is set up by system administrators and can be edited and adjusted with ease, but once it has been set content administrators around the world are enabled to use only what has been set up, preventing too many variations. And system admins can quickly update the content any time that it is needed.

Custom Interface

The Brandgility DAM also allows for each brand to have a custom user-interface, making it easy for each brand to have a unique look that matches the brand perfectly, without having to own multiple portals.

And everything from metadata to access groups to uploading and bulk-editing can be assigned to user roles so that it’s easy to allow distributed market teams to make the edits that they need while still having the centralised control that makes sure that the system is a single, cohesive portal that stays on brand all of the time.

The Result

In implementing the Brandgility DAM, the global brand now has an easy to use portal that allows marketers around the globe to navigate to the right content quickly, accurately, and in one place.  Their market and brand leads can customize the platform to their specific needs but the brand gets to have overall control.  And the brand gets brand consistency across all assets – everything is the latest version, the perfect asset, the right licence.