The DNA of brand campaign execution


Branding is important

This blog post discusses all of the steps that are needed to excellently execute a brand campaign.

As a brand, getting the message and creative right is critically important when launching a brand campaign. Your public perception is everything, so a flaw in the campaign roll-out can prove costly to your reputation.

This can feel like a daunting consideration when launching a new campaign. So how can you ensure that your creative and execution processes operate in an efficient manner, to ensure every campaign is launched on time, on-budget, and ‘on the mark’?

As a brand content management specialist, Brandgility has some top tips to kick your campaign execution strategy into shape:

Understand the complete campaign scope up-front

Large brands, in particular, can struggle with consistent marketing activities if there is not a cohesive plan across all geographies and demographics.

Before planning any form of campaign activity, it is vital that brand marketing teams agree on the full scope of work and geographical reach for the upcoming activity. Not only that, there needs to be a clear and transparent understanding of who is responsible for executing the work in each region.

Develop transparent briefing and communication strategies

For larger campaigns across multiple markets, chances are your central marketing team will be working closely with a number of regional stakeholders.

Make sure that the central team informs all regional execution teams of the concept, creative and message early-on in the process. All stakeholders, regardless of role or market, need to be given a full brief with an outline of activity and a clearly defined set of campaign objectives.

Establish a two-way review/feedback system

Not only does Marketing HQ need to brief regional teams up-front to ensure a successful campaign, they also need to create a seamless working process across all execution teams.

The simplest way to achieve this is to create a central hub for storing and sharing approved assets, which each team can then adapt and distribute locally. Many brands choose to invest in content management and distribution software to make this process easier to manage.

Running campaigns through a content distribution platform also makes it easier for campaign managers to set up a feedback and review system. This enables regional execution teams to not only request changes and additional assets through a centralized system but also enables the central marketing team to monitor and approve activity, thereby reducing the chances of local users going off-brand.

Review performance in every region

To create smooth working processes across your organization, key brand stakeholders need to understand how well every campaign is working, both at a central level as well as looking at each region individually.

Therefore, it’s important for central brand marketing teams to collaborate with regional teams when it comes to reviewing the performance of each campaign. Together, they should be able to use core data to agree on what worked best, and how this will impact campaign strategy and execution going forward.

Simplifying brand campaign management with Brandgility

When it comes to the DNA of a good brand campaign, many major organizations globally rely on a specialist campaign content management and distribution solution to optimize every step in the process.

With the right platform in place, your brand will be able to foster closer working relationships between marketing personnel. This will, in turn, speed up the average time-to-market, so that new campaigns are delivering results quickly.

To improve your brand campaign execution, contact Brandgility to discuss how our market-leading content management solution can help.


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