Consistent content experience drives customer loyalty


Create Consistency

Having beautiful content is a wonderful thing, and a consistent content experience is one of the key ingredients to building a successful, global brand, so having your beautiful content in use everywhere that your brand is displayed is essential.  And the more compelling the experience, the faster you will build up brand loyalty.

In fact, the experience that consumers have with every touch of your brand becomes the brand in your customers’ eyes.  With consumers becoming more and more global thanks to the internet, combined with affordable shipping and air travel, there is every reason to demand consistency across your brand’s multiple locales – your ads in China need to match your product that ships in India.

The first step is to bring the senior brand managers on-board so that every stage of the sales funnel carries aligned messages and designs.  Individual interactions are important as they build the cumulative effect of many experiences – and that’s what will bring customers back time and again when they feel that your brand matches their aspirations and lifestyle choices.

A survey of 27,000 US consumers, conducted by McKinsey & Company, found that a consistent content experience across their entire purchasing journey increased customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty to the brand.

“Maximising satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential not only to increase customer satisfaction by 20 percent, but also to lift revenue by up to 15 percent while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20 percent”. 

Want to keep the budget in check with an impressive ROI?  Think consistency.

But how best to breed this consistency that predicates success?  There are three key areas that successful, leading brands focus on:

The Customer Journey

The first is keeping the customer journey consistent at every touchpoint to reinforce the brand image.  Humans instinctively look for patterns, so if your brand stays consistent, your customers will pick up on that and subconsciously feel more confident that your brand will deliver for them.  One bad or low-value interaction can cause doubt about your brand quality in consumer’s minds.

Emotional Consistency

The second is producing emotional consistency; emotions play a heavy role in purchase decision making, as with anything in life.  Providing a consistently positive customer experience breeds a feeling of trust – the biggest driver of satisfaction and brand loyalty.  Trust acts like gravity – the more trustworthy and beneficial a purchasing experience is, the more likely that the customer will feel a pull towards that brand – and, better still, share that with others.  The same McKinsey research revealed that “a brand I feel close to” and “a brand that I can trust” were the top drivers for customers deciding with which bank they wanted to invest.

Communication Consistency

Communication consistency is the third and final key area on which brands need to focus.  Driving the brand and its image is the combination of promises made across all the touchpoints.  If these promises are kept consistently over a period through numerous interactions, then the brand will carry with it the concept of a trustworthy and safe bet for consumers – and this is one of the most important factors when deciding where they will part with their cash.

Global brands need to focus on these key areas to establish themselves as consistent and reliable and to maintain that customer connection to the brand.

Equipping the central and local marketing teams with the right software to enable them to control campaign roll-outs is a necessity to enforce a consistent content experience throughout every touchpoint – while still enabling local versioning for the potentially thousands of outlets spanning multiple regions that major brands need to manage effectively.

Brandgility’s omni-channel brand deployment system makes following these steps easy, giving brand marketing greater control over where, when, and how content is distributed through a campaign.  Head here to find out more.


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