Brandgility Templates

Freedom in a framework

Brandgility templates enable users to create local content quickly and simply while remaining on brand standards.

Designed to enable localization of marketing assets, Brandgility has powerful templating for all of your marketing materials including web banners, email, social media, eCommerce, landing pages, digital displays, POS, retail displays, video, brochures, spec sheets, stationery, OOH and press advertising.  With Brandgility, you can turn your branded marketing materials into powerful templates, allowing your local marketers to adapt the material to their local market’s needs – whether translating copy, co-branding, or choosing local images.  You can choose exactly what users can and can’t edit, seamlessly combining both local and global expertise.

Template technology is based around campaign kits – customize groups of related items that in one place, with the customization flowing through all of the selected content.   Your local marketers can localize and distribute an entire campaign with just a few clicks.

Templates are quick and easy to create using Brandgility’s intuitive web-based drag and drop interface and can integrate with the Asset Warehouse or DAM function so that users can pick from only approved, appropriate and up-to-date assets when customizing.

Key Benefits


Click here to read a case study about how Brandgility templates have helped a major financial brand serve the marketing content needs of a diverse user base.