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Brandgility Templates

Freedom in a framework

Brandgility templates enable users to create local content quickly and simply while remaining on brand standards.

Designed to enable localization of marketing assets, Brandgility has powerful templating for all of your marketing materials including web banners, email, social media, eCommerce, landing pages, digital displays, POS, retail displays, video, brochures, spec sheets, stationery, OOH and press advertising.  With Brandgility, you can turn your branded marketing materials into powerful templates, allowing your local marketers to adapt the material to their local market’s needs – whether translating copy, co-branding, or choosing local images.  You can choose exactly what users can and can’t edit, seamlessly combining both local and global expertise.

Template technology is based around campaign kits – customize groups of related items that in one place, with the customization flowing through all of the selected content.   Your local marketers can localize and distribute an entire campaign with just a few clicks.

Templates are quick and easy to create using Brandgility’s intuitive web-based drag and drop interface and can integrate with the DAM function so that users can pick from only approved, appropriate and up-to-date assets when customizing.

Key Benefits

  • Users can search through lots of content and find the perfect asset that can be adapted for the perfect result
  • Templates that can be resized means creating and managing less content but users still have all of the functionality that they need
  • Templates can be resized to any size needed without losing the beauty of the design, as content flows to fill the space dynamically
  • Users can be allowed to edit all of the copy, some of it, or any other rules that might be needed
  • Translations can be provided, with automatic font-switching to ensure that text works no matter what language
  • Copy can also be automatically updated based on rules – such as legal text automatically changing for different markets to meet local regulatory requirements
  • Templates can also have if this then that functionality – if a user chooses headline A then the copy changes to match, etc.
  • Users can be allowed to change images to match the message, either only choosing from a pre-set library of images stored in the DAM, or being allowed to upload their own images
  • Users can be given the ability to crop images to fit – whether library or uploaded
  • Users can also be enabled to add cobranding images to content -whether from a central library also stored on the DAM or stored in their own personal library or uploaded at the time of customization
  • Users can convert template output into many different formats, including high-resolution, print-ready PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG or other formats
  • Finished content can be published directly from the platform to either professional printers, content management systems or any other location that is needed


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