Brandgility Content Reporting

Close the information loop and increase ROI with every campaign

Understanding what is useful to a local market and what else could have been useful informs future campaigns, making every campaign better each time.

Brandgility’s powerful reporting capabilities bring everything together with the business information and analytics that you need to make sure that your marketing is working.  Get reports that will give you a clear understanding of who is using the platform and for what purpose.

Search term reports will show you both what your users are looking for and what they are finding, allowing you to refine your naming conventions and letting you know what additional content is needed.

Understand what your users would have asked a local agency to create for them if they didn’t have the Content Factory Connect tool.

Clearly see the approval chain and clear any bottlenecks.

See all orders that have been placed and their status at any moment.  Understand what content is being used and where.  See what your local markets actually use and save time and effort by not creating content that is not used.  Close the loop between design and end-user and have a 360 view of the deployment of your global brands.


Key Benefits