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Brandgility Asset Warehouse

A DAM for all of your template assets

Brandgility’s Asset Warehouse and DAM functionality allow you to easily upload, manage, collaborate on, customise and output your digital assets with a set of best-of-breed features.

Brandgility is DAM-agnostic. We can connect with all leading DAMs (StyleLabs, Adobe Experience Manager, OpenText, Adam, Zonza, etc.) and our extensible integration architecture makes it easy to plug-in to your DAM if it is not on our list. Brandgility can even connect to multiple DAMs at the same time, to bring a single consistent search and view to your distributed marketing assets. Once your DAM is connected, Brandgility can use your product shots, brand elements, and third-party logos dynamically in templates to make sure that they always use the latest version.

If you don’t have an enterprise DAM in place, don’t’ worry – Brandgility has you covered. The built-in Brandgility DAM module will provide a simple and powerful place to store all of the marketing assets you wish to use with your Brandgility templates.

Key Benefits

  • Maintain one single source of truth for all digital assets across your whole organisation
  • Build multiple outputs in multiple formats from any single asset
  • Build a flexible taxonomy through hierarchical metadata which matches your organisation’s structure and update this as the business changes for all your assets
  • Create central campaign assets that are adapted locally by regional teams – creating customized promotions that still uphold your global brand DNA
  • Use analytics to better understand your assets, so that you can increase return on investment (ROI).
  • Save time by bulk uploading and batch editing assets
  • Quickly find existing assets or discover new ones
  • Archive and expire assets in line with your organisation’s and regulatory retention guidelines
  • Control who can see what and when and prevent unauthorised use of assets
  • Increase collaboration during asset creation between design teams and the business, while using your existing approval workflow
  • Full range of fulfilment options including download, file conversion, proof downloads, printing via a range of print workflows or distribution to any electronic repository

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