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How to create on-trade bar menus that make your brand stand out

Many drinkers have a favorite tipple, but not all have a favorite brand. They’re willing to try new labels on their quest for the perfect taste, and they’re especially open to being experimental with their drinks’ choices on a night out.

This is a great opportunity for alcohol brands, in theory. But with such a huge choice on offer to consumers, you need to stand out from the competition to capture their attention. An on-trade bar menu could prove a key differentiator in getting customers to choose your brand – but you need to make sure that the menu catches their eye in order to work its magic.

POS materials made easy

The secret to standing out from the competition relies on taking your branding from the behind the bar and putting it in front of drinkers in the form of on-trade menus.

This sounds easier said than done, but many leading drinks brands are investing in technology that simplifies the creation of point of sale collateral. These platforms enable brands to develop high-end design templates showcasing their drinks – either as standalone beverages or as part of specially-developed serving suggestions – using approved fonts, artwork, and imagery.

Not only that, but some menu design platforms enable brands to incorporate a venue’s branding into their template so that your customers’ choice of logo, text, and imagery can feature on each asset. This ensures that campaigns feel collaborative, instead of you trying to impose marketing materials on your bar network, and the presence of familiar branding on the menu makes consumers more likely to trust your brand. It creates the impression that their favorite local bar is encouraging them to try something new.

Templating menus and other POS materials not only makes it easy for bar managers to launch customized campaigns for a single venue; it means on-trade assets can easily be duplicated across multiple sites. This means it’s as relevant to an independent pub as it is to an international chain. And some menu design software makes it even easier for global brands, by including multiple languages and currency display options.

Consumers are showing a greater desire to try, test and taste products that demonstrate their individuality… the industry needs to react quickly.

Zoe Lazarus, Global Future & Culture Planning Director, Diageo.

More sales all round

With consumers’ sense of adventure and preference for experiential spending at an all-time high, there has never been a better opportunity to influence their drinks choice. But given the crowded market, it’s more important that your brand leaps out from behind the bar and is placed directly in front of drinkers through on-trade marketing materials.

Our menu-making technology is an easy way to launch new brand collateral, it allows your clients to create POS materials that are authentically branded for both of you. The software works online, offline or on mobile, so your field sales team can collaborate with bar managers on-site to create effective assets and send them directly to the printers.

The piéce de resistance is the fact that a stronger on-trade strategy not only generates more sales for your brand; it promotes premium drink sales for your customer network, which drives profits for them as well. Everyone wins.

2 in 5 drinkers will upgrade to a premium brand at a bar, even if it means paying extra.


If you are ready to start creating POS materials that capture consumers’ attention at the bar, Brandgility offers all the features we’ve discussed – and more.

Book a free demonstration to see how easy it is to create on-trade collateral that boosts your brand sales.


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