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The benefits of using Brandgility

Using Elateral brings huge positive change to companies looking to streamline their marketing materials and communication

Choosing the right campaign content management solution will make it easier, faster and cheaper to deploy effective campaigns

It’s never been tougher for brands to secure customer advocacy; the market is crowded, and shoppers are spoilt for choice.

To cut through the noise of your competitors, your campaigns need to be well targeted, highly relevant and rapidly deployed to capture consumers’ attention. And the right marketing resource management solution can help you achieve all three of these goals.

Consistently engage your customers across all channels

In today’s omnichannel world, there’s a real danger that your in-store Point of Sale material and promotions can get out of synch with online.

Brandgility, the Global Brand Deployment Platform, centralizes campaign creation and distribution, so you can launch promotions in a coordinated manner – to maximize customer engagement opportunities in all channels.

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Create global campaigns that can be easily adapted for local markets

Modern consumers want all marketing to be relevant to who they are, where they are, and what they want.

With Brandgility, you can create central campaign assets that are adapted locally by regional teams – creating customized promotions that still uphold your global brand DNA.

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Be dynamic with your campaign deployment online AND in-store

It’s naturally much easier to set campaigns live online, but the right campaign content management solution can shorten the lead time for deploying that same campaign in-store.

Brandgility’s central asset management capabilities make it easier to share, approve and launch campaigns in all channels – getting physical promotions to market much quicker.

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