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Get to market faster than the competition, every time.

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Beat the competition by getting to market faster

Exceptional opportunities to bring your product to market can arise at any moment.  From unexpected promotional opportunities to being able to capitalize on an exciting local event, the brand that is prepared is the one that is going to get the deal.

Requesting adaptations of content for a local market can be an extremely frustrating experience. To request content to be adapted requires a brief to be created. Creating a brief takes time and energy, especially when the author does not create briefs as their primary job function. This can mean that briefs are ineffective, leading to many rounds of revisions on the same project.

The agency’s average turnaround for this type of work is often two weeks, and even when expedited, it can take an agonizing 72 hours. Then, when the local adaptation finally arrives, the wrong products shots, an old logo, the wrong pricing, the wrong fonts can drive the hapless field sales team down the rabbit hole of seemingly endless rounds of do-overs until it is finally ‘right’, or the deadline means that ‘good enough’ will have to do. (If you’re wondering if an in-house option might work for you, read this about how to have a content adaptation process that can flex effortlessly when needed.)

Content Adaptation Request Process loop

Getting content adapted can be an agonizing process for local markets

Every round of revisions gets in the way of other work and, for many local markets, is a distraction from their other tasks that can benefit the company more.

And the project is subject to the whims of scheduling by the design team, meaning that getting it when it is needed can be a challenge.

Without any automation of the adaptation process, the chance for human error is ever-present.  Whether is is misunderstandings from a brief written by a layman but interpreted by an expert, language translation errors, or difficulties finding the correct assets, it adds a large amount of frustration into the process for everyone involved.

For markets that are under a deadline, waiting for an adapted version that needs to be sent back for revisions can blow the timeline and could cause a missed opportunity.  For marketers that are held accountable to creating an ROI on their content, these rounds of revisions can not only cost extra, but could mean that the promotion never happens, resulting in missed revenue. (click here to read about how marketing content can affect sales revenue)

A Marketing person falling asleep while waiting for content adaptions

Waiting for content adaptations that may need further revision impacts timelines

The Solution

A tool that allows content to be adapted instantly, on-demand, with a visual interface that gives instant feedback on changes, removes all of these unnecessary steps.  It’s also available all hours of the day and doesn’t need to wait for a  free resource.  It cuts out the need to brief and wait because the markets make the changes themselves and see the results instantly.  And it cuts out the human error factor by having clever baked-in rules that ensure that brand standards are complied with (click here to read about how you can use automation to ensure brand compliance).  And it only takes seconds, not weeks.

Brandgility is a platform that uses templated versions of marketing content to allow self-service adaptation, no matter the time of day or the user location.  It makes edits in real-time with the results appearing immediately on the screen.  It integrates with other technology, such as DAMs and PIMs, to ensure that all content is up to date and easy to source.

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