The secrets to getting your agency to deliver what you want


Work with an Agency?

Many brands choose to work with an external agency, to deliver ‘out of the box’ campaigns that challenge your creative strategy, and provide more resource for campaign execution.

In many scenarios, this relationship can work well. However, there are occasions when the agency vision does not connect with your own – and this can compromise both the campaign result and your return on investment.

To overcome this disconnect, brands must look at if there are any weaknesses in the brand/agency relationship. And more often than not, the collaboration is let down at the very start, by the quality of your agency briefing process.

In order to build stronger brand/agency relationships that deliver outstanding campaign results, here are some top tips for a seamless briefing process:

Ensure everyone is on the same page

A harmonious agency working relationship begins with all your internal stakeholders being aligned.

Once the key players within your brand are on the same page, it makes it much easier to set a clear campaign vision and outline the marketing objectives you are hoping to achieve.

Internal conflict is a huge source of campaign underperformance, so with your core team working together, you’re on the right track.

Understand the customer you’re trying to reach

Another common pitfall in the brand/agency briefing process is failing to fully articulate to the agency the customer you are trying to reach.

Often, this lack of clarity comes about for one simple reason: the brand themselves does not understand their audience in enough detail.

Spending time getting under the skin of your customers prior to campaign planning and analyzing their behavior will pay dividends when it comes to giving agencies a customer profile. This, in turn, will enable them to develop creative ideas that hit the mark with your end audience.

Set a clear campaign scope

The better targeted your agency team is with their use of resources, the stronger the results your brand will see from a new marketing campaign.

Think carefully about the scope of work you want to outsource to an agency partner, and provide them with plenty of detail – from the geographical locations you want to target, to channels you want to use, and the available campaign budget.

Giving your agency clear parameters will focus their efforts and ensure they deliver on your expectations.

Be transparent about the response

A good briefing process doesn’t end when the brief goes over to the agency; your brand needs to set clear standards about what depth of response you require, and by when, to ensure timely progress.

Many brands are tempted to keep their expectations vague in order not to constrict an agency’s creativity, but the truth is that a clear campaign framework will give your agency the ability to push the envelope even further in the right direction.

Enhance your briefing process with Brandgility

There are a set of core skills your business needs to ensure a seamless brand/agency working relationship, and clear communication and transparent sharing of creative content are perhaps the most critical.

To control communications during the briefing process, you need an efficient way of working collaboratively and providing feedback to your chosen agency. To do this effectively and efficiently many brands use content management and distribution platform to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders – this becomes a vital tool when rolling out and controlling global campaigns across multiple territories.

Brandgility is a market leader in content management and distribution solutions for brands. If you’d like to see for yourself how our software can enhance your agency briefing process, request a demo.


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