How to run effective agency campaigns


As an agency, you are running a tight balance between creative and commercial success. On the one hand, your clients want to be impressed by cleverly-conceived concepts and well-executed assets; on the other hand, you cannot afford for this process to take forever, agency campaigns need to drive profit.

This challenge is often made even more difficult for agencies by the number of stakeholders and suppliers your account teams need to consult when launching a new campaign. The success of your campaign is often judged not just on the ideas, but on the quality of inter-agency working relationships.

So, how do your key agency personnel make sure that everyone involved collaborates, in order to launch creatively stimulating, commercially viable campaigns? Here are some of our top tips, based on years of working with highly successful agencies.

Have a clear vision of what your team is trying to achieve

By this, we don’t just mean a creative vision. Your account teams need to really understand who the campaign is targeting and why, and what it needs to achieve in terms of conversion.  That way you can ‘stress test’ your assumptions against any given audience to determine whether your strategic collateral and campaign activities will deliver the desired results.

Define the role of everything and everyone involved

It’s amazing how many agency teams launch straight into creative brainstorming without a clear understanding of the full scope of the work. Your key personnel need to know the exact assets that need to be produced, what channels they are being produced for, and who will be involved in both the creation and execution of the campaign, in order to brief stakeholders appropriately.

Make sure project managers create a comprehensive plan of action

Once they fully comprehend the roles of everyone involved, campaign directors or project managers need to make sure key responsibilities are plotted out in a way that all participants can follow and understand. This will ensure the campaign remains focused to deliver on ROI, with clearly directed account activity from the briefing stage right through to distribution of materials and measuring results.

Encourage clients and suppliers to provide feedback

The client experience is a key part of campaign success, and this is best achieved by encouraging clients and suppliers to provide real-time feedback. At every stage, your account director or project manager should feel confident that the client believes the campaign messages and materials will resonate with their target audience.

Measure success to prove ROI

A good campaign is accountable, measurable, and can demonstrate ROI. Therefore, always ensure your client teams establish a clear set of metrics to judge success, and that they report on these metrics throughout the campaign to prove the strategy is working.

Improve your campaign management with Brandgility

These steps sound simple when written down on paper, but the truth is that many agencies do not have the empowering technology that enables key personnel to devise, develop and distribute campaigns quickly and easily.

To improve the way your teams run projects, you need to invest in a good campaign asset distribution and management solution that can make it easier to create, launch and centrally manage campaigns digitally, whilst allowing for controlled local market adaptations.

Brandgility is experienced in helping agencies to improve campaign planning and execution. To find out how your agency can benefit from a content asset distribution & management platform, get in touch with us.


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