Marketing collateral – who owns the campaign assets?


When launching a brand campaign, developing strong creative is only part of your success. Good ideas generate a great return on investment if all the assets your brand produces are of the same quality, and executed consistently, across all regions.

It’s surprising how many companies compromise brand equity because their marketing campaigns fluctuate across channels or territories. And all too often, issues with quality control arise from one simple misalignment: it is not clear who has responsibility for each asset.

Too many cooks can spoil the campaign

Asset ownership is a particular challenge for large brands, as there are often multiple stakeholders involved in producing campaigns, including external agencies. Even if the concept and creative are developed centrally and then distributed to execution teams, local marketers still need to translate and adapt that collateral to make it suitable for customers in their region.

In these situations, the brand identity can be damaged by key campaign messages getting lost in translation. Clear ownership is essential to ensure all assets are customized within brand guidelines and used correctly to create local impact while supporting your global brand identity.

Giving your assets a central home

Whether your campaign is being produced internally or by a partner agency, the best way to ensure it works effectively across every channel and in every region is to create a core content repository. This is a central, digital platform through which collateral and guidelines can be shared with local agencies or marketers.

A central platform effectively ‘templates’ campaigns, delivering content that easily enables execution teams to understand core brand messages, what assets are available for their use, and which aspects of each asset can be localized without compromising the central campaign message. As a result, companies can ensure that every campaign or asset you produce stays on-brand, and delivers impact at both a global or local level.

Finding the right platform to power global campaigns

However, successful campaigns are built on more than owning template assets. To truly work for your brand, authors need to feel confident that the collateral sharing process won’t create burdensome administrative demands. Equally, if regionally adapted content needs to be approved by a central author, there cannot be a bottleneck that prevents assets from going live in local markets.

This is where brand distribution platforms make a massive difference. With the right software in place, central brand teams and agencies can digitally upload and share content with local teams every time a new campaign is launched.

Authors can also set rules about which elements of each asset can be edited, to ensure that any localization is done within brand guidelines – enhancing your campaigns, rather than taking them off in unmanaged directions.

Authorship generates authority

With an automated production platform, every piece of marketing collateral your brand produces has a clear author and clear instructions from that author on the rules and permutations for regional customization. Additionally, local teams know who owns all assets should they have a query or require approval.

Equally, automated platforms can add value if local marketing teams wish to outsource elements of a campaign to an agency partner. Centralized software for uploading, sharing and adapting assets means all parties are always working on the same version of a document, and that all collateral is produced to company-wide standards.

Find the right solution for your brand

If your brand is looking for stronger ownership of campaign assets, you need to invest in a content distribution platform that enables clear asset authors, transparent communication and easy approval.

Elateral’s omni-channel marketing production platform empowers brands to quickly, accurately and effectively launch worldwide marketing campaigns. To find out more about how we can enhance your next campaign, discover what we do.


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