8 Easy tips for better client collaboration

client collaboration

The client and agency relationship is an important one

The agency/client collaboration is critical to success; profits thrive or dive on how well your company builds and sustains chemistry with your customers, and creates a great on-going client experience.

However, even if your key personnel get on well with clients in person, it is not always easy to maintain this rapport remotely – especially in high-pressure circumstances, such as when a new marketing campaign is going to launch.

If this sounds like a familiar situation, and you’re keen to help your staff collaborate more closely with clients on projects and campaigns, we’ve put together some ‘smarter working’ tips when developing new collateral.

1. Help account teams set clear goals and objectives from the start

Setting goals will focus your client teams, and give them a frame of reference to share with their client whenever you feel things might be straying off-track.

It’s important to make sure that the project manager or account director has shared these goals with the client, who is fully on board and has signed them off. This way, everyone feels that they are working towards an end result that they believe in, and will deliver effective ROI.

2. Give teams the tools to write clear briefing documents

With clear objectives in place, your next challenge for client teams is to make sure that every asset they are creating hits those campaign goals.

Achieving this starts with a rock-solid brief, which has had input and sign-off from all internal and external stakeholders, including the client.  The brief should provide a clear plan of action for your agency team to follow, to meet the client’s expectations in terms of both service levels and ROI.

3. Encourage staff to be transparent in their working processes

The more clients understand about the progress of the campaign, and their role in getting content to completion, the more they will trust your team.

As part of this, it is important that account directors develop a quick and easy way to gather client feedback and approval when producing each piece of collateral, to keep the project moving forward as efficiently and profitably as possible.

4. Ensure the account team has defined roles

In order to meet your client’s demands, your key staff will have assembled a talented campaign management and execution team.

It is vitally important that they can identify the people they need to work with and ensure they are thoroughly briefed on both the overall campaign objectives and each person’s specific role from the start.

5. Enable teams to closely manage suppliers and partners

It is not just inter-agency processes that affect the success of a campaign. Often, your agency will be working with third-party partners or suppliers to deliver results.

A clear strategy, comprehensive briefing and transparent working relationship are just as important with suppliers as it is with clients, in order to hit campaign KPIs.

6. Create a platform to store and share campaign assets centrally

Even with clear goals and a great brief, the execution process can easily become messy and confusing.

Investing in a content adaptation system that allows your account teams to store and share campaign assets in a central, digital location will solve this problem – as they can simply and efficiently locate the materials they need.

7. Measure and analyze results

Collaboration is not just about effective working processes; it’s about giving your teams the tools to share insights and results with key clients. However, this is difficult to do without an effective way of measuring and reporting on campaign performance.

Make sure your teams are using a content adaptation platform with the ability to record template usage and present results. This way you’ll know what assets are being used where and when, enabling you to fine-tune future campaigns to create greater efficiencies for you and your client.

8. Create better client collaboration with Brandgility

When it comes to executing our top tips, some are easier said than done, but there are software solutions that exist to make life simpler for busy agencies.

Elateral’s content adaptation solution, Brandgility, can improve the way your business builds and briefs campaigns, collates client feedback, collaborates with execution teams, and measures results.

Request a demo today.


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