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Accelerate your speed to market

Speed = Time = Money

Brandgility empowers organizations like yours to automate the production and deployment of integrated omni-channel marketing campaigns, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, for hundreds of markets, in dozens of languages, while safeguarding your valuable brand equity.

Why is this important?

A missed opportunity can never be regained, so being ready and able to react when they come up is essential. Being able to capitalise on a moment is the key to winning that moment, and luck favours the prepared.

And, due to incredible progress in the content production chain, production is so fast now that it is easier than ever to capitalise on those moments.

Why do you need to get to market fast?

All delays cost – whether it’s money, time, goodwill, brand equity – it’s always there and those who know this are the ones who prepare in advance to avoid these costs.  Also, the age of the internet has changed the speed at which trends in the market-place surface and become a market need, and the brands that can be part of those rising trends reap the benefits.  And, finally, there’s always the unexpected opportunity that can arise, such as a prime ad location at a last-minute discount deal price, that you can win if you are ready to go for it at the right time.

How do you prepare?

To be ready to get to market fast, find a tool that enables you to build content that can be adapted to meet needs with no delays.  Then work with all parties in the content production chain to design content that will be ready to use with that tool, rather than content that needs to be rewritten each time.  Ask them to create content that is reusable and flexible – if that’s baked into the design it’s much easier.  And then support your local marketers with templates and functionality that will make it easy for them to use when the opportunity arises.

How do you prepare your markets?

Communication is key here.  Let your local markets know that you are creating content for them that they’ll be able to adapt so that they know exactly what to do when they have a need.  Use intelligent tagging and search functionality so that they can easily find what they are looking for – consult with them on what terms they might use to search for content and bear that in mind when designing your strategy.  And help them to practice using the content so that they understand what they need to do to prepare to use it when the time comes – such as how to upload local logos on the material, or where to find translations.

What are the benefits?

The incredible speed at which content can get to market – production turnaround times can drop from weeks to hours.  Also, users spend very little time on creating adapts – they do not have to meet with agencies, source content, review design ideas, etc.  And you get material in your markets that match the brand guidelines perfectly.  And, if you are using a tool like the Brandgility platform, you’ll also get reporting on what was used, which will inform your choices for what to produce for future campaigns.

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Take the time now to prepare for the future – research tools and platforms that can give you these benefits.  Once you’ve spent some time thinking it through it is a straightforward process to implement.

Brandgility has a world-class platform that enables users to create and adapt content quickly while keeping the designs on-brand.  Contact us today to find out more and get a demonstration of our platform.

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