How ‘Frankenstein marketing’ can derail your brand’s marketing strategy

When Dr Frankenstein set out to create a monster, he never imagined it would go rogue. In the business world, many companies feel the same way about their brand assets.

Don’t let your marketing assets spiral out of control

Frankenstein marketing can be caused by communication issues affecting both in-house teams and partner agencies.

Ensure Frankenstein Marketing doesn’t impact internal relationships

In addition to affecting your customer collateral, Frankenstein Marketing can also negatively impact your internal relationships and working processes.

Destroy Frankenstein Marketing with a global brand deployment platform

With the right global brand deployment platform in place, your brand can roll out tighter campaigns. Importantly, you can also implement sign-off processes to detect sensitive legal issues such as copyright infringement, lease times and even fraud – all of which can be extremely costly to your business.

To stop Frankenstein marketing taking hold of your brand collateral, speak to Elateral about Brandgility, our global brand deployment platform.