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Who uses Elateral MSCTM?

The answer is “every kind of marketing organization”. Elateral’s Value Delivery Model provides a fast path to significant savings and continuous performance improvement. This is a reason why the world’s most sophisticated marketers, across industries, including Cisco, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Starwood and Toyota rely on Elateral solutions to take marketing results to new highs and marketing costs to new lows.

Elateral Value

Some typical users of Elateral solutions include:

Global Marketing Centres of Excellence Global brand marketing directors use Elateral MSCTM to administer their worldwide operations, new campaigns or programs and the analytics that relate to them.

Key Design Agencies
Brands ask their global design partners to develop marketing materials that give them their look and feel. These agencies then upload these materials onto Elateral MSCTM so that these elements can be executed and strategically customized everywhere else.

Local Marketing Teams
Marketers serving specific geographical or industrial areas use Elateral MSCTM to access the templates provided by their global organizations, localize them, keep executions on-brand, and then deploy them either electronically or via printers or partners.

Content Administrators
Marketing materials can be quickly translated and put into packages that align either with target audiences, special offerings or specific time or place windows. These people use Elateral MSCTM to keep it all together, and execute quickly.

Local Publications
End-points of marketing messages - such as a magazine that will run an advertisement - can access Elateral MSCTM directly to source the artwork and coordinate its placement with the brand.

Print houses
Elateral MSCTM gives print houses the ability to grab artwork and produce it according to established specifications, in a process that always hits your quality targets.