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Promotional Packaging – Brand owner’s best friend

What’s in a label? Consumer goods marketers know the answer to that one: “A lot.” The right offer on a bottle can win the battle. And a run of misaligned promotions can lose the war – in terms of time and budgets.

Elateral gives brand owners unique tools to win on-pack, with best-in-class, customized brand executions. Preserve and protect the integrity of your brand, while reducing the layers of management needed to sign off on each packaging print run. That’s the promise of Elateral MSCTM.

Our promotional packaging solution meets the needs of a fast paced shopper marketplace and provides great agility in executing packaging based promotions. It not only does customization of labels and stickers; it also allows a user to select the product and packaging from a database and then leverage core Elateral MSCTM capability to customize the promotional message, either from a set of predefined options or fully ad-hoc, as defined by the brand owner. The end result is a market ready consumer pack ready to be produced!

Benefits for promotional packaging include: 

  • Improved speed to market
  • Personalized communication @scale
  • Change claims “on the fly”
  • Massive artwork savings through use of templates
  • Workload optimization
  • Regulatory compliance (Claims DB)
  • Customization of gift packs
  • Can be used for single product packaging as a packaging solution

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Packaging’s the final stop on most purchase journeys. But it’s plagued by inefficient processes and un-focused execution. Find out how we can help you on our consumer goods marketer pages.