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Professional Services

Elateral’s singular obsession is to be the world leader in powering intelligent multi-channel content generation & customization. When you invest in Elateral MSCTM, you need to be sure of realizing its full potential. So we've developed a modular range of services delivered by experienced teams with a wealth of technical and project management skills.

Service packages can be tailored across an Elateral MSCTM deployment to suit your situation, your resources and your existing marketing services providers. 

Consulting Services - To start with, our consulting services team can help you with ROI analysis, process mapping and planning.

Implementation Services - Our implementation services team will configure the tools to match your requirements. They can also help with promotional and awareness initiatives, training materials, courses and user support at and after launch.

Template Development - You decide the level of customization and our experts will use your artwork, brand guidelines and core brand identity rules to create the tremendously flexible templates at the heart of Elateral MSCTM. We call it “freedom within a framework”.

Asset Management Services - Our asset management services team will structure, tag and input your marketing assets to transform your brand's campaign-creation process.

Managed Services - Our managed services team can play an ongoing role, working with your marketing people, agencies, users and brands to ensure a flow of campaigns and the maximum return on your investment.

Technical Services - Our technical services team is there to develop custom features, manage integrations and undertake special projects for you.