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Partner Demand Generation – Reach right through

Today’s marketers know how critical it is to get the right content: branded posters, direct mail or email campaigns, leaflets, screensavers, banners and more in the hands of partners and dealers. Well executed “true to brand” multi-touch campaigns – invitations, reminders, updates, thank-you’s and the like – drive demand like nothing else.

But managing partners or dealers can be just as important as managing the content. Some partners need to be coached on how to run a campaign (we even helped one client make the “How to Run a Campaign” document). Some will need tight management. Others won’t.

We have helped companies with easy-to-use online portals for dealers, so marketing can focus where it makes the most impact. We’ve also driven partner demand generation with as high as 80% adoption by partners. Results like these come from the right solution, delivery and support.


We work closely with you to design and run your partner or dealer portal, and to drive demand generation. We’ve helped big names like Toyota, Motorola and Cisco succeed with this. We can help you too.

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