Elateral Marketing Services CloudTM

All experience management and content delivery platforms, whether CMS, email, social, mobile, print, POS, digital display or otherwise, depend on content to fuel relevant experiences. Producing it with record-shattering speed, flexibility, control and cost efficiency is imperative in today’s market. This is where Elateral MSCTM comes in.

Elateral MSCTM enables marketers to source any content in any form from any system; customize content in any dimension from creative to copy, size, shape, layout & language; and output market-ready materials in any format for distribution by any experience management or content delivery platform, both online and offline.

Powered by patent-pending innovations, Elateral MSCTM is designed with one goal in mind: To maximize value & advantage for the world’s leading marketers. Elateral’s game-changing content generation innovations include:

MSC Capabilities

Elateral MSCTM has been designed with large enterprises in mind. Each can enter their brand-specific marketing engine from a host of devices, and manage their operations.