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Local Advertising – Customized to your market

You understand the power of localized content in your print advertising. But you face tremendous pressure to customize ads efficiently and in a way that can scale up.

That’s what Elateral does for marketers with broad national or global branding challenges:

  • Efficient localized production: Marketers use Elateral MSCTM for as much as 90% of their local print ads.
  • Faster design processes: Turn marketing thought into advertising action in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Right-size every ad: Our Adaptive Scaling solution ensures your banner ads grow or shrink in predictable and intelligent ways.
  • Slash production costs: Why manually adjust artwork every time you want to announce a local deal, or you need a slightly different ad size? Don’t. Try our web-based solution instead.

Putting a customized advertising message in front of each of your local markets was never easier. With our solutions, local marketing teams customize ads quickly and easily for their markets, while keeping it all on brand.

And we’ve built it all based on years of experience with major brands like Coca Cola, Toyota and Cisco.

Let us know what kind of marketer you are (to the right) and learn how to accelerate and streamline your local advertising needs.