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Are you building large-scale in-store promotion campaigns that need to hit the aisles and make an immediate impact?

This eBook introduces the concept of shopper-centric design, and shows how this approach can turn a collection of in-store promotions and campaigns into what we call in-store orchestration.

For example:

  • Build campaigns that create a path to purchase from outside the store all the way to the register.
  • Customize campaigns from site-to-site in a way that is always on-brand and wins over more shoppers.
  • Gather all of your campaign data in one place and use that knowledge to improve each brand activation.

Included in this eBook are four key principles and seven imperatives of shopper-centric design. Nail these and your organization will soon be an in-store promotion hero.

The eBook is free. All we ask is the opportunity to send you a mail now and then (never more than one a month) with insight and ideas for in-store promotions and campaigns. We believe you’ll find it a pretty fair deal.

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