Maximise your Return on Channel™

You’re marketing IT solutions through a big, global channel. The challenge is simple: get as many partners as possible to do the things that work.

Until now, channel marketers had to choose between speed, cost and quality. You could get campaigns to market quickly, but the brand suffered. Or get a great campaign delivered, but far too late and for too much money.

The Elateral Marketing Services Cloud™ overcomes channel inertia and inefficiency for some of the world’s biggest, best technology vendors – from Motorola to Cisco.

For the first time, your brand assets and campaigns can be combined into foolproof templates that channel partners can customize, produce and deploy in minutes.

Better local campaigns. Faster. For significantly less than your current processes cost. It’s all part of the world- leading channel marketing platform for IT brands with massive channels.

Your channel marketing storefront

Bring every marketing tactic and service together in one place for your partners. Use our integrated, best-of- breed marketing automation tools or punch out to your own favorites.

Multi-touch campaigns without limits

Combine pre-built emails, landing pages, web banners, direct mail, white papers, video, product collateral, web content syndication services, social, telemarketing services, list services, event services, exhibition kits... the entire channel marketing arsenal at your partners’ fingertips.

Drive revenue through the funnel

Map tactics and campaigns to each stage of the purchase journey to help partners nurture early leads into revenues.

Entire content marketing campaigns-in-a-box

Let partners localize your best content pieces, then drive them to market with complete, integrated campaigns. All ready to go, with every piece on-brand and on-strategy.

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