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Elateral Marketing Services CloudTM (MSC) has an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that gives you easy scalability, incomparable up-time and worldwide access.

With over a decade of experience, Elateral MSCTM can specifically meet the needs of high-tech vendors looking to drive Partner led demand generation. Start with any of your brand marketing challenges, then snap on more capabilities as you want, when you want…

This is simple.

  • You upload your brand assets to Elateral MSCTM.
  • You combine them to customizable templates and build multi-touch channel marketing campaigns.
  • Your partners customize them with messages that fit their market (and your brand guidelines)
  • Then deploy them with a keystroke.

It’s called Channel Co-CreationTM and it’s completely changing the way technology companies activate their channel partners.

Start small, scale up easily

Elateral MSCTM lets you start with a single tactic – such as localized HTML emails, lading pages or web banners – then scale up with success. Simple on-ramp solutions include:

Channel Content Engine

Let partners customize your content (eBooks, white papers, etc), then deliver them via emails, landing pages, web banners, etc.

Closed-loop Demand Generation Templates

Pre-built campaigns that target specific sectors with multi- step engagements that create sales-ready leads.

Cloud Asset Management

Share assets and content with Partners leveraging the power of the Cloud.

In fact, you can start anywhere with Elateral MSCTM and grow towards a global, multi-media, multi-language channel marketing storefront.


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