ZMOT in the marketing organization

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An interview with Jim Lecinski, Chief Evangelist of ZMOT at Google.

Brands in Brazil: A net exporter of branding and creativity?

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In the consumer goods arena, Brazil is spawning new brands and ideas that conquer, and refreshing foreign brands.

Extreme shopper personalization: the end of the changing room?

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The ng Connect Program is pioneering the use of digital tools to provide highly personalized shopping experiences. It has seen Alcatel-Lucent and partners take the changing room out of clothes shopping.

Zeroing in on the social shopper: the race to close the redemption loop

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Shrinking the redemption loop is a key goal for any brand offering social shopping deals online. Two recent initiatives from American Express bring us one step closer.

5 easy steps to managing asset automation within Tri-Party Relationships

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'Delivering collateral needn't be difficult everytime', says Elateral's Kim Temples

Content Marketing in the Channel: How high-tech companies can get more business by pushing less, and sharing more.

New eBook! Content Marketing in the Channel

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The sales channel for high-tech companies is evolving quickly; this eBook provides a ready-to-go manual to get up to speed in online efforts through the channel.