Customized Point-of-Sale – grab more shoppers

For consumer goods marketers, the biggest moment of truth is when your product’s on the shelf and the shopper is approaching. How do you grab a shopper’s attention and direct them to your product?

Elateral helps some of the largest consumer goods brands in the world to make point-of-sale a big, fat business driver, through intelligent customization: store-specific messages that cut through the clutter.

Better yet, we help these brands do it while cutting steps out of the process and introducing new ways to increase sales – all while being true to the brand.

  • Control customization, or lock down the artwork: Sometimes you want local marketing teams to pivot a point-of-sale message (as long as it’s on-brand). Other times, brand integrity means tightening down the creative. We support both.
  • Visualize it: Marketing isn’t real until you see it. We allow marketing teams to see how that point-of-sale artwork will look in-situ, virtually.
  • Slim down the process: Cut the rot out of marketing processes that slow down on-shelf campaigns. Elateral MSCTM helps major brands save millions while improving performance.
  • Promote Best Practice: Help Marketers and Merchandising teams around the world do the right thing by sharing best practice executions and promotions. Amplify successes instead of recreating brand activations each time.
  • Multi Channel Shopper Experience: Make the point of sale true to your brand everywhere, be it a mom & pop store, a hypermarket or online. Elateral MSCTM not only helps building physical shopper experiences, but also those online as well as the digital screens that are popping up more and more. We offer the same kind of customization across executions and for the web too.

It’s all about winning at the First Moment of Truth: when the shopper reaches the shelf.

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