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FMCG’s never been so FM

  • You have to win each shopper in a few critical moments. A moment in the aisle. A moment at the shelf. A moment in the hand.
  • You have to win in millions, billions, of these marketing moments. In different countries, and languages. In different retail situations. Often with different local marketing teams.
  • How do you scale one brand story up to a billion shopping experiences, and keep that story fresh and localized every time?

That’s the challenge addressed by Elateral MSCTM, and huge household-name brands use it every day to beat the competition at every critical moment.

Elateral MSCTM gives consumer brands with a global footprint a single architecture to preserve brand integrity and customize for shoppers at the moments of awareness, consideration and choice. In other words: One story, millions of branded shopper journeys. We call this Shopper-Centric Design.

With Elateral MSCTM, global brand managers can orchestrate new programs with lightning-fast time-to-market. And local market experts can apply specific, local messages within the foolproof brand templates to win at point-of-sale, on the display and in the packaging.

The agile branding enabler

Let your local teams quickly customize their in-store brand activations, and keep it on-brand. Or choose the one best-in-class promotional message that’s been proven to boost sales in their markets.

Use marketing best practice globally

Share the expertise of your global marketing team with an integrated tool that updates all of your brand activation materials across a single platform. Eliminate duplication of effort. Boost efficiencies. Get to market faster.

Scale up to the largest programs

Huge brands can’t stop because of a hiccup. We’ve been doing this for years with major global brands. See our How It Works page to find out about our Marketing Services CloudTM architecture.

Target one moment, or nail them all

Some brands use us only for packaging. Others for the whole works: Packaging, POS and display. We can go all the way up, or all the way down.


How It Works

How it works
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