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Campaign Visibility & Reporting – Stop guessing.

You need to know which partners sent which campaigns to whom and with what result. Better yet, you need that data presented in a way you can use.

Elateral’s campaign metrics put all of your channel marketing activity into an easy-to-digest structure that lets you tune your efforts.

We think of campaign reporting on two levels:

  • Reports for partners: Which emails were ordered, to whom were they sent, how many and who clicked through – our campaign visibility tool makes it easy.
  • Reports for you, the vendor: See how many partners are engaged with you, what’s getting ordered, what’s working, and what isn’t. Get the whole campaign picture.

In today’s content-driven marketing, you need to constantly adjust based on what’s working, if you want to drive leads. Elateral’s your ally. Find out how we can help you on our high-tech marketer pages.