Brand Portal – Your stuff, ready for market

Elateral MSCTM lets you have specialized front ends; be it for partners, campaigns or to be used as brand portals. These are not just a place to find artwork, templates, brochures, data sheets and logos. They are critical tools that can make or break your brand goals. Each portal can have several sub-home pages where each can use its own brand identity or cater for the needs of a specific user group.

Portals can be the home of a brand’s unique identity and equity and offer true brand immersion for all that need to understand the essence of your brand and then continue to customize and execute marketing materials.

Are you looking for a way to deploy initiatives, campaigns or events to your distributors, local marketers or sales force? Then brand portals are the way to get it done! 

And because it’s built on Elateral’s Marketing Services CloudTM, these portals are easy to access, scale when you say so and are quicker to set up than a website.

FMCG companies use brand portals as the one source of truth for their brand’s identity and companies like Autodesk, NetApp and Motorola use Elateral portals to package campaign materials and manage their take-up across global partner networks.

We’ve launched portals in as little as one month. If you want to support Swahili and Uzbeki, it’ll take a touch longer (but we can do that, along with countless other languages too).