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Speed, Cost, Quality: Pick any three

Global marketing managers feel constant pressure to do more with less. Producing messages for more and more granular audiences. Using fewer people. Faster. With lower capital spend.

Elateral gives you a number of simple solutions to support a broadly distributed marketing machine, with greater customization, better analytics, and reduced costs. So you can extend your brand, while you protect it.

Major brands like Cisco, Lenovo, P&G and Starwood Hotels use the Elateral MSC™ to manage marketing collateral.

What does that mean? It means you put best-in-class marketing materials in one secure place online, with smart templates that allow teams worldwide to customize and localize for their specific audiences.

Our users have sped up campaigns from months and years to days and weeks. Costs drop, as fewer people are needed to create and customize materials. And quality improves, because you manage how the marketing materials can be customized; that means the end result is pre-approved.

Elateral Marketing Services Cloud™ can be accessed anywhere from just about any device. It’s rapidly and efficiently scalable. Also, everyone works from a common platform, where only the right user gets access to the right stuff.

Elateral MSC™ lets you start with a single tactic – such as templates for customizable ads – then scale up with success.


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