How it Works

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Elateral Marketing Services CloudTM (MSC) has an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that gives you easy scalability, incomparable up-time and worldwide access.

With Elateral MSCTM, you can start with any of your brand marketing challenges, then snap on more capabilities as you want, when you want…

This is simple.

  • You upload brand assets to Elateral MSCTM.
  • You convert them to customizable templates and build marketing programs.
  • Your local marketing teams customize them with messages that fit their market (and your brand guidelines)
  • Then deploy them with a keystroke.

It’s cloud-powered marketing and it’s completely changing the way brands are delivering personalized messages to the market.

Start small, scale up easily

We’ve developed a number of solutions that can be taken off the shelf:

Brand Portal

Brand immersion across your markets. Create brand-specific portals that carry the identity of your brand and ready to use templates for on equity executions – everywhere!


Let the marketers closest to your audience customize their message. And keep it on-brand. This is the tool for that job.

Adaptive Scaling

Ads are never “one-size-fits-all”. Our adaptive scaling tool ensures your ads grow or shrink intelligently, without losing the effect of the artwork or copy; a perfect solution for out-of-home, in-store and digital advertising.

Content Analytics  

Our patent-pending Content AnalyticsTM capabilities fundamentally transform the economics of the multi-channel content supply chain.  Content AnalyticsTM is a ground-breaking approach which focuses on the relative contribution of underlying content assets. By identifying and applying high-performers and best practices while concurrently reducing needless waste, significant value can be unlocked.

Cloud Asset Management

Keep your extended marketing team on the same page with an easy-to-use cloud solution. Access it anywhere, on any device.

In fact, you can start anywhere with Elateral MSC™ and grow towards a global, multi-media, multi-language marketing storefront.

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