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Where marketing rubber hits the road

Here’s our common goal: Allow your dealer network to deliver a message that supports your above-the-line strategy while leveraging their expertise in the local market. We give dealers the tools to do localized marketing that’s easy and effective. And we give you control and speed to market like you’ve never seen before.

Elateral MSCTM lays the foundation for an ideal relationship between the Manufacturer, their agencies and their dealer network.

You decide the process and we work together to ensure the workflows and priorities fit your needs. Soon your dealers will be tuning best-of-class, brand-compliant marketing to their local markets, with practically zero effort.

Advertising that fits local markets

Intelligent templates and simple access to a user-friendly portal means your dealers can customize ads with a click. Localize to win.

Lightning-fast and open processes

You, your dealers and your ad agency partners can all use Elateral MSCTM to speed up and prioritize processes around campaigns. Be agile.

One source for all the good stuff

With secured cloud storage and powerful tools, Elateral MSCTM gives your dealers one easy destination for all of their marketing materials.

A carmaker-savvy solution

We’ve worked with automotive companies for years. We know the priorities, the processes and the people.


How it works

Here’s how we make it all work…

The Benefits