Elateral - Fueling Mass Multi-Channel Customization

As the “visionary pace-setter” in intelligent multi-channel content generation, Elateral’s market-leading, patent-pending technology is helping to power one of the most exciting marketing mega-trends in generations: Mass Multi-Channel Customization.

Sophisticated multi-channel experience and dialog management platforms, energized by big data and cloud power, are now able to pinpoint the right content to the right person at the right time through the right channel.

Landing more relevant and engaging content across an expanding array of channels is driving big gains for savvy marketers. 30%-40%+ improvements in target outcomes, including customer acquisition, up-sales, registrations & referrals are not uncommon, along with improved brand affinity & loyalty.

On the other hand, relevant, multi-channel engagement requires orders of magnitude more content. As a result, promising gains are too often obliterated by ballooning costs.

To make matters worse, the challenges and risks associated with managing brand stewardship and compliance requirements grow exponentially with increased content volume, variety and velocity.

Elateral’s singular obsession is to be the world leader in powering intelligent multi-channel content generation & customization.

Elateral is relentlessly focused on helping marketers transform their multi-channel content supply chain into a powerful competitive advantage, while reaping the full rewards of today’s sophisticated multi-channel experience management platforms.

Integrated intelligence provides sophisticated role-based access and editorial rights, while advanced patent-pending automation capabilities provide unprecedented speed, flexibility and cost efficiency.

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