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Elateral has announced the launch of MSP 7, the latest version of its market-leading brand marketing automation software. Elateral has announced the launch of MSP 7, the latest version of its market-leading brand marketing automation software.

Brand marketing automation is rapidly gaining ground among businesses looking for ways to streamline their marketing processes. It enables them to reduce time to market and increase efficiency by eliminating duplicated effort and costs. It also lets their sales teams and channel partners around the world generate demand by exploiting their local knowledge to customize campaigns.


Elateral is an independent software as a service (SaaS) provider that specialises exclusively in brand marketing automation and is regarded as the pace setter in the sector. Over the past 12 years it has introduced a series of innovations to ensure that Elateral MSP is the market leader – a scalable, flexible and cost-effective enterprise-strength solution.


According to Paul Goater, Elateral’s CEO:


"Elateral is all about combining marketing best practise with cutting edge technology. We are proud to work with some of the world’s most prestigious and demanding brands – names like Coca-Cola, Toyota, Symantec, New Balance, Chrysler, Motorola, NetApp and SAP. Their experience informs every aspect of our offering so all our clients benefit from their collective thinking. Elateral MSP 7 is the most recent evolution of our platform, responding to the ever changing needs of our clients."


MSP 7 is therefore the latest milestone on an ongoing journey, with each aspect being developed and tested in collaboration with Elateral’s clients. The enhancements to the service fall under three main themes.


Effectiveness and efficiency have always been at the heart of MSP so it’s hardly surprising that they feature heavily in the new release. MSP 7 delivers greater effectiveness through features such as enhanced email and landing page capabilities. For example, email marketing is playing an increasingly important role in many companies’ campaigns. The challenge is in persuading key partners to participate. The introduction of Exact Target makes it easy for Elateral’s clients to demonstrate how Elateral MSP can deliver to their partners better results than they could achieve on their own.


Meanwhile, MSP 7 achieves greater efficiency by streamlining part of the content management system administration to give greater marketing output for the same effort.


Measurement and reporting are currently a huge issue for marketers so one of Elateral’s priorities has been to help its clients target, measure and justify their investment in campaigns. Many of Elateral’s clients have complex reporting needs. Toyota, for example, needs to track marketing activity by dealership, by region and by model type. Elateral MSP 7’s new reporting capability will enable it to generate those reports at the touch of a button.


User experience is important because it can have such a powerful influence over the uptake of any system. Elateral’s philosophy has been to continually improve the user interface, navigation and flexibility of MSP. The latest UI features promise to excite and engage users as well as enabling clients to tailor the overall look and feel to their own visual identity.


Elateral MSP 7 is a cloud computing solution. That makes the regular platform upgrades particularly attractive because they are included in the subscription and require no on-site deployment.


Using technology to streamline systems and processes is second nature in the worlds of HR, manufacturing, finance and distribution. Marketing has tended to lag behind. Now that brand marketing automation software has come of age, it’s time for marketers who haven’t yet done so to take the plunge.

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